Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sweet Sadie to be on eBay this week.....

What a challenge this little gal was........I could not satisfy her with any choice of clothing.  Well, she insisted on this cute vintage blue with pull-toy puppies and little yellow chickies, what do you think?  Cute?  I hope, and I also hope she finds a grand new home this week over on eBay!

Update on my diet transition, well, I fell off the wagon and had a cup of coffee this morning, I made it a whole week without a cup, but couldnt stand it any longer LOL  All in all, I am just going to eat better things, stay away from sugar (in all of its forms), eat more things that are organic (doing this helps Mother Nature), free from artificial flavors and colors.  

Cheers for now! ~ Kim 


Benedetta said...

Another adorable creature. I love her dress too :-)

Sonia said...

Cheers on Sadie...Sadie looks sassy....No worries Kim my wagon went over a lil bump also.


Sonia ;)

Caroline said...

She is cute!

Ronnie said...

Hi Kim,
Found you at Benedetta's. Cute! Cute! Cute
Most of my blogger buds are painters. Nice to see these little guys.
Seems everybody is on the better health trail this month. Your plan sounds good. Everything in moderation.
Gotta go check e-bay!

Benedetta said...

Hello again :-) I have nominated you for a blog award. Hope you can stop by my blog to pick it up!