Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inspirational Wednesday

I love the colors that went into this little painting.   I was inspired by the paper I chose for her dress to make this gal.  Isn't it funny how a simple piece of paper cause you to create what you create?!  

I am feeling a bit under the weather today, so this will be short and sweet!



~Tonya said...

This one is so sweet, Kim. Love the paper choice too...there are so many awesome prints of paper out there.

Didn't see her on ebay thou. Your paintings are so sweet. I wish I had time to play with paint some more.

Have a great day.

Denni said...

She is so pretty!!! Love it. I think there are some way cute paper out there. Cute job!!

Pamela-Luciana said...

Me encanta este blog!!!I´m argentine, I dont speak english.. sorry. son geniales.

Malissa said...

Great piece of art! I love the colors. It does always seem to be the little things that inspire us and spark out creativity. Paper and fabric do it a lot for me.