Friday, February 20, 2009

Looking back...

at some of my favorite past works.  I think Rosie is the cutest ellie I ever made =D
I am getting ready to host another blog GiveAway, so stay tuned.
Have a great weekend.


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Okay Girl, you need to start your own NING WORKSHOP Site so you can teach us how to make these beautiful Art Dolls! Love them all. Do you only sell on Ebay?

Denni said...

OMG!!!! I want one of those cute Americana frogs!!! They are adorable!!!!! Too cute!!! Thanks for the pattern. I'm gonna make some frogs for spring. I'll have to try my hand at doing an americana one :) Cute dollies girl!!

CozyCoops Corner said...

They are all so cute ! Love the little mouse !

Caroline said...

They are all very nice dolls!

Jade Scarlett said...

Awww, these are all sooper, dooper adorable!!!


Diana said...

Your Dollys, Bears and things are just darling!! I have to get a pattern, soon..Blessings, Diana

Kimmie said...

Hi Kimmie Sue!

I have looked through all your posts since my last visit. Girl you inspire me! What a blessing your have. Your paintings are so adorable, I want to learn how to do that...and the dollies...well, you know how I feel about all of them. I have finally decided to get back at it and am very excited to be feeling inspired again. Send me an email, I would so love to chat on the phone again. Somehow my phone book went missing so I have lost many of my friends numbers. I have free calling...or you can give me a call anytime sweetie. I hope we can get together soon as this weather breaks. I would love to sit and chat over some nice hot whatever. LOL!