Friday, April 10, 2009

Almost 12 and barely a rockstar!!

My sweet boy will be 12 on Saturday......this is him enjoying his new Rock Star drums! He really rocks on the guitar, so I am sure it wont be long until he has mastered the drums.



clothnclay said...

That's great! With several musicians in my family, I can appreciate your efforts (and patience), "Mom' ! He looks like a natural! Bravo!, Oh, and Happy Birthday too! Becky

Denni said...

That is awesome!! My husband just picked the guitar back up after like 12+ years of not playing. Maybe he could take lessons from your son :) Happy Birthday to him. Have a great Easter too :)

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Kim! This is my first time to your place in "Blogland", and I can see I'll be back! I have a teenage son also... I LOVE purses and bags; though I never even look towards Gucci! I guess if I'm gonna dream, why NOT dream for the big names out there, huh?!!.. I am SO-oooo disappointed I didn't see your bunny pattern sooner!! I would have LOVED to make her this year! Thank you for sharing the pattern so at least I can make her for next year! I also loved your Annie doll for Miss Pitty Pat's Sugar and Spice Annie Event! Happy Easter to you!!

~Tonya said...

Hi Kim,

A BIG Happy Birthday to your son tomorrow.

That is so neat. I bet he loves playing. Wow, you have a 12 year old and a little baby? That would be hard....

I have a 13. 11 and a 7 year old.

I hope you have a Blessed Easter.