Tuesday, April 28, 2009

'Lil Phoebe Bunny

Oh baby, baby, ba ba ba ba baby! Phoebe Bunny has stolen my heart, and I haven't been able to fetch it back!! I took my little bunny pattern from my Easter goods file and created this sweet little gal. With so many awesome bear/bunny creators out there, they are a true inspiration to me.

This tiny gal will stay put for now, as she has demanded that she stick around for a bit with our family. Miss Hope has really taken a liking to Phoebe, I may just have to make her one for her very own =D

It's beginning to look like rain, and I have tons of housework to do, so I better BUST A MOVE!



Plain-n-Simple! said...

Pheobe is too precious!!!! She's SO CUTE!!!! I can see why shes stayin'!!!
Many Hugs,

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Kim, I can see why she has stolen your heart..she is just too precious!!! I love that face...just makes you want to hug and squeeze her...you do nice work...:)

Donna said...

Oh my GOSH! Would you look at that precious little bunny! My heart is going pitter-patter! Geez, you'll have to let me know if you make any more to sell, LOL! (We make a home for handmade special bears and bunnies.)

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I LOVE your creations and didn't realize that you had been following my little site! I am so honored! I am off to explore around here...