Friday, May 15, 2009

Lets dance

Daisy needs a dance partner.

I have decided to call my mohair bears CANDLESTICK BEARS & FRIENDS. This being due to the fact that most of them are attached to some sort of taper candlestick, either wood, ceramic or glass.

Daisy has been dressed in a darling baby dress salvage. Isn't that applique the cutest??

Have a super weekend.


suziart said...

I am amazed at your skill and talent that goes into making those little critters! Fabulous!!!
Xo, SuZi

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

OMG, I am in such LUST. You are way too good at this. Kudos also on the name Candlestick Bears and Friends.
Enjoy your weekend!

The French Bear said...

She is so sweet!!!! What a darling bear!
Margaret B

Sonia ;) said...

That is precious..I like the name also. Very adorable...Have a good weekend.

Sonia ;)

Patty said...

Kim she is just the cutest! And your son looks so darling behind that big old instrument :D.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Perfect little name for them!
Did I tell you how precious they are????
everything vintage

Sares said...

Hello Kim,

Thank you so much for stopping in at Loveleigh Treasures, I'm glad you found me. Your little mohair babies are adorable! This latest on with the pink dress is beautiful, dress included. Have yourself a great weekend and I look forward to seeing more of your blog! Sares

Mary said...

Kim, isn't she just amazing! LOVE her! Best wishes for huge success with Candlestick Bears!

Thanks for visiting me today. I love making those fabric hang tags, but I have to admit they cost more than they bring in. That EQ Printables cotton lawn inkjet fabric costs $2.49 a sheet ~ but the images, especially with my high dollar Epson printer (Claria inks) are amazing!

ilgirasogno Laura said...

i love your creation so sweet so cute!!!compliments