Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sun Angel....and a perfect tan!

Let me tell you, I visited the sun spa today and they had this incredible suntan bed.

The SUN ANGEL is in a class of its own. Its innovative UV technology, standard comfort features and spellbinding design will entice even the most demanding of customers. With sensor-controlled tanning and unparalleled luxury.

Wonderful tanning results – variable UV spectrum and the SUN ANGEL sensor – that virtually eliminate the possibility of overexposure
Fifty-two UV lamps and four Ultra Performance facial tanners with specialized UV-B lamps
High-pressure shoulder tanners with Ultra Performance technology
Temptronic climate control maintains the preferred temperature throughout the tanning session
Aqua Mist & Aroma for refreshing relaxation
Multi Relax base acrylic with armrests and variable footrests
3D-sound system with MP3 player dock-in and SD card slot for individual music enjoyment

I felt like a queen for 20 minutes!

I began my session with a tour of the salon, there were over 40 beds total, from plain jane ones to high pressure ones and of course the Sun Angel.

My tour guide went over all the bells and whistles. I undressed, lotioned up, then I had to scan my skin. Thats right, scan my skin. You take a scan of your forehead and of the inside of your wrist. The machine then takes the results and sets the beds' bulb power according to your results, thus not burning when you tan. I then proceeded to climb into this HUGE beautiful capsule and lowered the top. Put my eye protection on, and hit the start button!! I was cool the entire time with the awesome air conditioner and full body water mist that sprayed every 4 minutes or so, the aromatherapy smelled heavenly inside the bed and relaxed me almost into a nap state, I then decided I would play with the sound system WHICH was to die for, I listened to some type of swaying island music (very seductive and soothing) A mans voice guides you through all the bells and whistles once you are inside, and he was very pleasant sounding and forgiving if you pressed the incorrect button =D After 20 minutes, my slice of heaven was over! I climbed out, got dressed and left the spa feeling like a million bucks, and my base tan really is a few shades darker with no redness!!

All in all, I loved the Sun Angel, and if I happen to win the lotto, I will visit it again one day!!


Sonia ;) said...

KIm....How fun...Ive missed you...Hope you are having fun with the kids....

Sonia ;)

sinnlighet said...

Must tell you....Your blogg.....me like!!!

Agneta from Sweden

Patty said...

That sounds like it was just so relaxing, glad you enjoyed it Kim :)