Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sweet sweet Sunday!

This little girl is what I tried to make into a kitty. Not sure if she's a kitty or more of a mouse, what do you think??
My first Easter creation for the year!

Ahh, and I totally adore this little one. Gia Giraffe!

I love Sundays. So relaxing and non hurried. No taxes, but plenty of house work or chores. The kids have a long weekend, and with the post office closed Monday, I will have a wonderful long morning =) No boxes to hurry out with, until Tuesday, so I have all day tomorrow to get my goods packed up.


natalia carlota vallejos said...

la pequeña isn´t a mouse!!! is a beautiful kitty very lovely!!! cariños desde Argentina

Bärenliebe said...

Sooooo lovely your giraffe Kim! :)))
Hugs... Eileen

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

I vote kitty for sure. There all great Kim.Hope that tooth is feeling better!