Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just wanted to share where you can purchase Morning Glory Fiberfill. Marshall's Dry Goods I know there are alot of softie creators out there that will be looking for this since WalMart is no longer carrying it.

Happy HUMP day!!


my tiny studio said...

Thank you :)

Judy said...

Become a fan of Morning Glory on Facebook! Their buyer has posted that they have a meeting with WalMart at the end of this month in hopes of getting it back in the stores! She said she needs our help! Please e-mail her at: jane.e.smith@carpenter.com with a plea to WalMart to bring it back! She plans on taking everyone's e-mails with her to prove how many of us love the product and want it back!!

Anonymous said...

I was just on Walmart website they sell 5lb box of morning glory on there you can have it shipped to your local store for free.