Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday!

One good thing about having the flu and anxiety attacks (not that either one are pleasant) is I am fitting back into my most favorite jeans!! woo hoo!!

I can't believe how much snow we are getting - I am SOOOO sick of it, and cannot wait wait to pull weeds this spring =)


lilraggedyangie said...

so hate that you have not been feeling well, but we all gotta love when we can get back in to our fave jeans ! Congrats! Lookin Good makin me feel like a slacker . O well every dog has his day lol . Have a great weekend.
lil raggedy angie

Sonia ;) said...

You go girl...wish my butt looked that good...my anxiety meds keep mine at bay...hmmmmm nice butt or meds...family says meds LOL