Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Saturday and Sunshine!

Grace, getting geared up for Valentine's with this sweet pink Giraffe <3

What a gorgeous day, mid 50's and sunshine. I will take all the sun one is willing to share!

I got my wound VAC yesterday, and it's a bit annoying carrying this thing around 24/7. I have named him "Jerk", so Jerk and I slept in until 8AM this morning, something I have not done in years!! (slept in, not slept with a Jerk....lol)

I have been resting, playing games, makes Valentines and resting. Hope has been such a good sport about all this medical, boo-boo stuff.

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Michelle May said...

Good gracious! You sure have been through a lot my friend. You are one strong lady! Sending light and love your way that the "jerk" will be gone soon!