Saturday, February 11, 2012

MRSA.....how dare you!


Yes, I unfortunately have a new issue to add to my never ending list! With several visits to the local hospital for wound care, I am sure that is where I picked it up.

Please read the linked article, be informed and armed if you come in contact with this "super bug"

I wont let it get me down, I am stubborn and pig headed as granny always said!!

Let it snow, and Happy Weekend Dear Friends!



Patty said...

Sorry Kim, feel better, get better, and take care.

Patty said...

Kim come into Maida Ning and put one of your dolls in the Prim thread, today's the last day for sign up. <3

Whymsicalmusings said...

How Terrible! I do hope you are up and around feeling like your old self very soon!

lilraggedyangie said...

O Kim , Im so saddened to hear of this sheesh I sure hope you get to feeling all better and soon ! hugs and prayers to you ! lilraggedyangie

just me said...

So sorry! Probably exactly where you picked it up! My grampa got it in his hip after getting it replaced, took so long for them to catch it they couldn't get rid of it. So glad you caught it early, praying for you.

Donna said...

That is serious stuff! I am praying that you get well soon!!!

Michelle May said...

Oh gosh Kim...that's a terrible virus! I'm sending you so much light, love and happy get well wishes. Hang in there kiddo.