Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Reds

The last couple of months have been very trying on me. My 17YO son had a collapsed lung in November, he had a chest tube in for 2 weeks, fell behind in school (he is an honor student)finally caught up now. Then at thanksgiving he got C-Diff infection from his hospital stay. After 5 rounds of antibiotics he seems back to himself.

We had our old dog friend Ruger put to sleep at this same time.

Fast forward to January, my husband complained of abdominal pain said he was passing a kidney stone, well the pain did not subside so 4 days later I insist he go to the ER......where CAT scan revealed a blood clot in his celiac artery, one of the major arteries that supply blood to major organs, such as large intestine.......they sent him home on Xarelto (a very scary and horrible drug) He has an appointment at the Vascular Surgical center at the Cleveland clinic Feb 18.

Needless to say, my creating has taken a back seat to all this PLUS I am house training our pom puppy!!!!

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