Sunday, November 29, 2015

Let the Holiday Madness begin!!

Today, my husband and I are venturing out like crazy parents in search of a new TV for the master bedroom. Our 42 inch is being taken over by our 9YO and hopefully, this will free up "our" room!! Happy Sunday!! XO

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Danice said...

Yes, I am actually old enough to remember that, although my family was financially stable, we had only one TV in the house. It was black & white and had no remote control. My sister and I were about 8 when our family got our first color TV (and it still had no remote control, lol). Back then, most households also owned only one auto.That is,if they owned one at all. 'Hope you got your new TV and your room back. Thanks for the post, as it has made me recall a lot. Is this a symptom of getting "old" ? lol...